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Arké Management Consulting Services is a business consulting and training company founded in 2008, its mission is "to provide services to private companies, public administration and people with the aim to maximize excellence, well-being and business results". It works with online platforms to support his customers for e-learning, CRM, web listening, monitoring & web reputation. Arké is involved in training and e-learning through the creation of online platforms, web reputation and customer care line for multinational companies such as ENI, FIAT, Renault, Mediolanum banks, ING Direct, Monte-Italian Stock Exchange and universities as La Sapienza, Tor Vergata and Biccoca University in Italy. It is also involved in business education (i.e. for  European School of Economics), coaching and blended learning, people motivation and development, HR Management and in activities of Arts, Fun & Entertainment, Games, Theatre & Cultural Events. Amcservices has participated at national level, in the field of entrepreneurship education in the Paola project, supported by the province of Rome, and in courses and masters for entrepreneurs of CSL and Galdus institutes in Italy.


Role in the NETT project

Arké will use its professional background to lead the NETT teachers’ training and exploitation/ sustainability WPs. Arké professionals own expertise also in: European project management in e-learning and lifelong learning, in online platform monitoring, in the organisation of traditional and e-learning training purposes and in the organization of public events and marketing activities. Arké will support the cosortium in disseminating the project results in its local, national and european networks.


Short profile of key persons

Maurizio Mesenzani is management consultant and teacher. CEO of arké management consuting services (amcservices), international group based in Italy (Milan, Rome). Managing Director of BSD. Client Leader and Program Manager in Strategic Management Projects, Social CRM, Sales and Service Management and Organisational Development Programs. Main customers in 2012: Fiat FGA Group, Webank, Vodafone, Mediolanum, Provincia di Roma, Agenzia Dogane, Mondadori. Contract Professor at University of Milan Bicocca, professional partner of the Placement Office. Partner of Sapienza University - Rome and State University of Milan, working on international projects (EEUU fundings) and research projects. Former Responsibile of the Customer Management Forum in Fondazione IRSO and researcher in the field of CRM and Service Management.Temporary manager in SDI Group-TILS: Operations Director (2007-2008). He has been leading a change management project in Vodafone Italy (from 2001) and training & development programs for the Customer Contact Management of H3G Italy (from 2003).  He also managed CRM and training & development programs for ING Direct, Poste Italiane, TIM, Telecom, CNA ER. Project manager in European Projects funded by EEUU.He directed a planning and control project in Monte Titoli – Borsa Italiana, the Italian custodian, part of the BIT Group – Italian stock exchange (2001-2006). From 1997 to 2000 he has been working in Andersen Consulting, where he was Process Competency Knowledge Manager for EMEAI region. From 1994 to 1997 he has been working as researcher and consultant in the field of organisational science with IRSO srl and RSO spa. He collaborates with academic institutions and universities and he has several publications in the field of CRM, knowledge management and organisational strategy. Specialties: Strategic and Organisational Development, Change Management, CRM and Social CRM, KM, Workflow Management, Web 2.0, ecommerce and Social Networking.


Ivano Cesareo is an employer of Amcservices since 2009. Designer of calls including the NETT and ITSociety, a project sponsored by the Lombardy Region in 2012 he is responsible for the administrative section of Milan Arké branch.
Cesareo main tasks in Amcservices were:

  • Managing web community training (customer: Mediolanum, since 2009)
  • Consultant in languages (French) for new systems (customer: Renault, 2009)
  • Editing of material for training courses and regional calls. Co-teaching on topics related to the processes of communication tools (Schools Work Consortium, 2010)
  • Contribution in theof Work Life Balance project for Peugeot Italy (5/2010)
  • Social media analyst for customer portals of Mediolanum City of Stresa (since 2010)
  • Analyst and co-designer in the  Social CRM draft for customer Fiat (2011)
  • Support ithe development of the ITSociety project sponsored by the Lombardy Region (2011)
  • Marketing analyst in ITSociety (2012)
  • Collaboration in the design of the NETT project sponsored by the European Commission (from 2012)


Lucilla Crosta. Professional Experience: Since 2000, she cultivated several experiences as teacher/tutor in different online and blended e-learning courses. (Bocconi University, CIFAPP, ICS Canegrate, ACOF Olga Fiorini). She has also been studying and researching in the field of online learning communities and networks both in Italy and UK collaborating with different Universities like; The Catholic University and the Bocconi University (Italy), The University of Glasgow, the University of Sheffield, The Open University and the University of Lancaster (UK). She is an online mentor for Master and Phd students in different fields of study and in different universities. Since 2004 she has been covering the role of European project manager in the preparation of international projects related to e-learning and lifelong learning, for different institutions and companies. She has been collaborating with Arké since 2011 where she worked for the design and submission of european projects/calls. At the moment she is Assistant Project Manager in Arké Management Consulting Service inside the NETT project. Her educational background comprise of a BeD a Master in Adult and Continuing education obtained at the Glasgow University (UK) and a PhD in Educational Research obtained in 2009 as a distance student at the Lancaster University (UK).

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