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EGECED is a non-profit association founded by the professionals from education field (teachers, trainers, academicans, managers and supervisors). Members of EGECED are part of  a network of schools which include general, vocational and special education schools. It is a network of schools. EGECED has a broad reach to special education local schools in primary and secondary level and also cooperation with universities. The objectives of EGECED are to gather the professionals who work in the area of the education to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education and to introduce modern applications into education system, to contribute to the development of sustainable exchange between educational professionals in Turkey and Europe. EGECED has a broad experience in EU project and project management. Members of association have very good comptences in research and evalution.
Experts who will be involved in the project are familiar with European policies, strategies and priorities of education and inclusion of children with special needs as well as of LLP and its procedures and they can contribute also with these competencies. They will cooperate to meet the overall objectives of the project.
By participating this project EGECED believes that the exchange of good practices will contribute to the improvement of the both its teacher-members and also teachers who work in the schools within the EGECED’s network


Summary of staff member

Guldan Kalem has been involved in preparation and implementation of many European projects and offered consultancy and trainings in Project Cycle Management. She has bachelor’s and master’s degree in Educational Management and Supervision and continuing her PhD studies in European Union Studies. She worked as an educational attaché for 3 years in the USA and 2 years in UK on education and educational management field.


Dr. Mehmet Emin Bakay has knowledge on human and management theories and he is experienced in organization and programming of events and project management. He has Bachelor’s, Master’s and Phd. degree in Educational Management and Supervision. He worked as a teacher for 9 years and as a school principal for 2 years. He has been working as branch manager in Menderes Town Education Directorate for 12 years. He worked as coordinator for the institution projects.


Bahattin Demir is head of the board of directors of EGECED. He also works for Ministry of National Education as a Ministry Supervisor. He is responsible for the supervision of the secondary schools in Izmir. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Management and he has a broad experience in teacher training and guidance.

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