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The Institute of Technology and Development (ITD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to do applied research and to develop innovative business and technology ideas and systems, supporting the main corporate and industries in their growth and empowerment.

ITD aims at supporting national and international governmental, non-governmental and industrial organizations for applying policies and strategies related to new technologies. It is designed to strengthen the academic-industry linkages, to raise the knowledge and innovation culture as well as the entrepreneurial culture. ITD is also engaged in training and educational activities supporting the applications of new technologies in education, in community development, and in corporate information systems, focusing on the methodological research and dissemination of the best practices related to ICTs.

The team provides also establishment and development of good connections with foreign partners for implementing the strategy of the Institute. ITD is a crucial motivator and organizer of evaluation of innovations made from students and young researchers. ITD has good record of participation in National and European projects. ITD provides consultancy work in ICT and Business systems integration.

The institute use world best practices, top-of-the-edge technologies and methods, and high-challengeable business methodologies and innovative and new R&D ICT achievements, to develop the necessary corporate people and systems, governed by modern business culture and supported by original ICT systems. ITD plans, organizes and runs High-level local and international events – Congresses, Conferences, Entrepreneurial and Authorities workshops, related to Business and ICT establishment and development. It provides market interaction and collaboration with local and international universities and research centres for the purpose of identification and development of effective innovation products and ICT systems, as well as business and ICT forums for discussion and taking decisions related to industry and enterprise strategies and directions.

The members of the Institute - well known academic and industry leaders - use very focused innovation entrepreneurial culture for development of client-tailored skills, business processes and systems, as well as leading-edge ICT systems and products. ITD was established as a spin-off organisation of the Centre of IST, Sofia University. It has build capacity in development successful models covering all phases of the project life-cycle, including successful experience in building public-private partnership, training, management and financing of projects under the Structural Funds, etc.

The members of the ITD have been involved in more than 80 international R&D, training and industrial projects (research infrastructure: EuroRIs-Net and SISTER; elearning and knowledge management: ADOPTA, Share. TEC, UNITE, TENCompetence, PRIME, PARCEL, KALEIDOSCOPE, I*Teach, DALEST, ARCADE, Info ReDis, LEOSPAN,TRAINMORE-KNOWMORE Infobroker, EEEYMS,LEFIS–APTICE, TN-DEC, DIOGENE, etc.; interactive TV: ATVN-EU-GP and MECITV; e-business, e-government and e-work: E4, GUIDE, REGEBLab, Mall2000, PROTELEUSES, AFORO, COCONET, etc.; Artificial Intelligence: INTELLECT, LarFlast, ILPnet2, EUNITE; innovation: BIGEAR NET, EIM-CEE, BulRMCNet, PROMOTOR+); science and society: REGGAE, U*NIGHT, REKS).

Some recent projects with involvement of ITD are: CIP- ICT-PCP-2009-3 ATLAS Project: Applied Technology for Language-Aided CMS; SEE AF/A/540/4.1/X project: "Municipal Property Management In South-Eastern European Cities" – PROMISE; 503706-LLP-1-2009-1-BE-GRUNDTVIG-GNW Project “Grundtvig International Network of Course Organisers” - GINCO; ECP 2008 EDU 428016 Project: “Skill based scouting of open user-generated and community-improved content for management education and training“ - OpenScout; TuCoDe: Tutor Competence Development for Rural Internet Access Points Managers, Leonardo da Vinci Project; Multilingual e-Content and e-Library Living Lab, Member of the VirtSOI Living Lab; Consulting the staff of the Technology Transfer Office, established at Sofia University; Training of young women in Technology entrepreneurship, a joint project with the Romanian Institute for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs); Proposal preparation "Science Park Lozenets – social infrastructure", etc.

ITD is involved in the activities of the UNESCO Chair on ICT in Library Studies, Education and Cultural Heritage, University of Library Studies and IT and supports a MSc Program in Digitalisation and Digital Resources. ITD is a member of Sofia Digital and Cultural Cluster (SDCC).

The Key Persons

Prof Dr. Roumen Nikolov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Institute for Technology and Development (ITD), Head of Department at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies. He works in the area of e-Learning, e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Work, Multimedia and Hypermedia Systems, Management Information Systems. Dr. Nikolov has been an IST NCP for the EC 5FP and FP6. He has been involved in more than 20 projects from 4FP, 5FP and FP6, such as FP6 PRIME (Providing Real Integration in Multi-disciplinary Environments), GUIDE, Kaleidoscope, GEM Europe, Proteleuses, IWOP, BIGEAR, etc., including at a management and coordination level. Dr. Nikolov has more than 50 research papers and presentations and has specialised in UK, the Netherlands, and other EC countries. He supervises 4 PhD students. Teaching Experience: Computer technologies and systems, Management IS, Management of IT, Company, Electronic learning, Design, implementation and management of e-Learning systems.


Eugenia Kovatcheva, PhD has background in telematics applications in education and training and e-learning. She designs, develop and deliver the courses for ICT in education at university level, vocational education training and teacher training. Dr. Kovatcheva is a coordinator of MSc Programme in eLearning, and has created, developed the Strategy for eLearning and Distance Learning at Sofia University. She has participated in several EU and National projects for transfer of innovations in ICT in education as designing, creating and implementing the e-learning methodology. She was engaged in organization and implementation of teacher training for Vocational Education teachers, Innovative Teacher project and development of Innovative Didactics for Web-Based Learning. Eugenia is engaged in designing and developing e-learning courses for UNESCO chair in Moscow. In more than 30 papers and in three students’ textbooks she has shared her experience in methodologies development and implementation of new methods for using the ICT in education. Eugenia has specialised at Twente University, The Netherlands, and University of Electro-Communication, Tokyo, Japan.


Mirolyuba Madjarova, MSc in European Studies, MSc in Theory of Education with a number of specialisations abroad. During the periods of 2000-2001 and 2006-2010 she used to work for the European Commission (DG Research) as a National Expert on Detachment (2000-2001 at “SME and Innovation” unit; 2006-2010 at “Science, Economy and Society” Directorate). She is a Programme Manager and more than 18 years she works on development and implementation of international projects, programmes and initiatives in the field of education, training, technology transfer and innovation. Taking different roles in the project implementation, she used to work on more than 20 projects under different EU and international programmes (e.g. PHARE Multi-country DEMAND, FP5 MECITV, FP5 PROMOTOR Plus, FP6 BulRMCNet, LEOSPAN, TEMPUS JEP 140047, TEMPUS JEP 2063, TEMPUS CME 02527, FP6 SISTER, Structural Funds Project ТП7-79/30.09.2010, etc.). She has publications in the fields of Community Law related to science and education, programmes and projects’ management, national and European systems of education, innovation and technology transfer, etc. Teaching experience: ICT for educational purposes; Corporate training on topics like EU programmes and funds, Project management, etc.


Atanas Georgiev, MSc in Mathematics and Informatics. He is a senior expert computer system and has strong background in design, development and maintenance of network services and Internet Applications, improvement of the quality of the information services offered to the University community. Atanas has participated in many national and EU projects as OpenScout - OpenScout stands for "Skill based scouting of open user-generated and community-improved content for management education and training", Share.TEC stands for “Sharing Digital Resources in the Teaching Education Community” - eContentPlus programme, TENCompetence - Building The European Network for Lifelong Competence Development, IDWBL - Innovative Didactics for Web-Based Learning – Minerva project, I*Teach – Innovative Teacher – Leonardo da Vinci project, KALEIDOSCOPE - “Concepts and methods for exploring the future of learning with digital technologies” -6FP NoE, e-Content & Educational-Portal for students, Initiative of Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, Teaching experience: Development of web applications, Human-Computer Interaction.

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