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İzmir SEV Elementary School was founded as a K-8 school in September 1997. The acronym SEV stands for Health and Education Foundation, which is the founder and governing body of the school.

SEV Elementary School is a private, national school with the philosophy of developing a passion for lifelong learning, providing a solid foundation through developing the skills of observation, inquiry and research. İzmir SEV recognizes each student as an individual and strives to develop their social and environmental awareness, cognitive, social and emotional potential.

İzmir SEV has become a CIS (Council of International Schools) school since November 2007, after fulfilling the requirements of accreditation process. Being a CIS school is an important indicator for our high educational and physical standards.

The curriculum is regulated by the Ministry of Education, but the program is enriched with a strong English program, extracurricular activities, library skills and computer, art, music and PE programs. Although English is the students’ second language, many opportunities and activities are provided to promote English program. The presence of international faculty enables us to create a rich cultural environment. Our educational approach is based on student centered learning. The delivery of the curriculum is designed to enable students to become independent thinkers and learners.

In balance with competitive curriculum, social activities have significant importance in our school life. There are many co-curricular activities such as; clubs, committees, sports actives, assemblies and field trips. At İzmir SEV, all the activities are designed to encourage, challenge and enable students to reach their potential in mind, body and spirit. To promote a perspective of global understanding and friendship, our students are encouraged to participate in many international projects. İzmir SEV is an Eco-School and our Green Flag symbolizes our awareness for the environment.


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